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Louisa Khovanski

Louisa Khovanski is a Model, Social Media Creator, and Photographer who rose to fame from Instagram and other social media platforms. As of 2024, she has more than 5 million followers on Instagram. She was born in Ukraine, but currently, she is living in Toronto, Canada.[fn]Instagram – Louisa Khovanski[/fn]

On social media, she mainly publishes her bold-looking images and lifestyle stories. She also uploads videos on YouTube regularly.

Louisa Khovanski
Louisa Khovanski as a Model [Image Credit: Instagram]

Louisa Khovanski Personal Data

Real NameLouisa Khovanski
Birth Year1993
Age31 Years
BirthplaceSouth East, Ukraine
Current LivingToronto, Canada
EducationMaster’s Degree in Philology
WeightNot Disclosed
Marital StatusMarital Status
Relationship / BoyfriendNot Disclosed
Her Cat NameMorthy
Net WorthUnrevealed
Instagram ID@louisakhovanski
YouTube Channel@LouisaKhovanski
Twitter ID@grooovylouisa


Louisa Khovanski was born into a poor family in South East Ukraine in 1997. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her family.

She has struggled with life in her childhood; she stated they didn’t have a bathroom until high school. She only used to read books and do normal activities as she was not provided TV, Music Systems, or any other things.

She started working for 15 years (in summer and free time), and she used to give her salary to her mom to buy food.

She completed her schooling at a Government school near her town. But, she didn’t like the school because she stated everyone bullied her because of her body shape.

After completing school, she was admitted into a Government University in 2011 near her town. She studied Philology in college and has a master’s degree in that subject. So basically, she is a teacher.

After that, in 2019, she started modeling on Instagram.

Career Highlights

YearAchievements or Highlights
2011Admitted to University
May 2019Started Instagram & YouTube
25 May 2019First Post on Instagram
3 July 2019First Video on YouTube (Fashionnova Summer Lookbook)
24 September 2019100k Instagram Followers (within 4 months, she reached 100k followers)
2022Reached 300k Subscribers on YouTube
2023Crossed 4 million followers on Instagram
20245 Million followers on Instagram

Louisa has a big fan base on social media. She has more than 4 million followers on Instagram. On YouTube, she has over 405k Subscribers. She is also available on Twitter and TikTok.

She also has a second Instagram page, where she shares her photography named @khovanskiphotography

According to her, she is very much active on her onlyfans and has a loyal food fan base there.

Louisa is creating a horror game that will soon get published. She has created the whole game story and characters and working hard to make a great game. Once it’s published, we’ll share it here too.

9 Facts about Louisa Khovanski

1. Piercing Story

She pierced her two nipples in 2020 from a local shop. For the first few months, she was wearing small-sized piercings given by the shop, which was uncomfortable for her, but later she realized and changed the piercings to big ones. She admits that although it was a little painful, she liked it. She loves wearing jewelry.

For the first few months, she had a few problems until the pierced area healed. Like, for the 1st month, she had to sleep only with a bra, putting cotton pads on it so the piercing didn’t hurt. She also couldn’t able to walk fast.

2. Instagram Account Ban

In 2021, sitting at 1.6 million followers, Louisa’s Instagram account got banned. She stated that she had not violated any guidelines of Instagram. But Instagram often bans curvy women’s accounts. Thus, she made a video on YouTube regarding this issue titled “How I Was Banned For Natural Body.”

3. She Adores Baking

Louisa loves baking; when she was living with her granny and mom, she used to bake desserts. But, presently, she doesn’t have time for baking and cooking.

4. She Can’t Live in Silent

In her childhood, Louisa doesn’t have access to TV, Music, and any kind of entertainment platforms. Also, they lived in a place full of silence, so she states she had a childhood trauma, and presently, she can’t live without sounds. She needs something to happen most of the time, like Movies, YouTube videos, Music, or even quarrels between neighbors.

5. Sweets Lover

Louisa loves to eat sweets. According to her, she eats sweets when she is stressed and unhappy and also when she is happy, meaning all the time she likes to eat sweets. After every meal, she takes sweets. She describes that she has a good metabolism, thus after eating a lot of sweets, bearly she gains any weight.

6. She Loves to Have Horror Vibes

She stated in a video that she can’t live without horror Vibes. She likes adventurous horror Vibes, whether from movies, books, stories, and a normal daily atmosphere. On her channel, you can watch a lot of horror videos she made.

7. Skin Problems

She has an oily face, but her whole body is dry. So after taking a shower, she used to put many creams on all parts of her body.

8. She is an Animal Lover

Louisa loves animals. Throughout her childhood to the present day, she always had pets with her. She feels joy with pets, although she stated that often her pets mess up her work, but she likes it.

She has a cat named Morty. You may see her cats often in her YouTube videos.

9. Social Works

In 2022, when the War started in Ukraine, she started sharing the situation as well as she urged everyone to donate to her country. She published videos and also posted on social media to raise funds for her country.

Louisa Khovanski’s Hobbies

  • Drinking coffee in the gas station at midnight on a highway is one of her favorite things to do. Because she loves Road Trips, she loves exploring new places, especially half-abandoned ones.
  • Hiking
  • Reading
  • Watching
  • Photography
  • Traveling
  • Fishing
  • Gossiping

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*Sources: YouTube Videos, Instagram Posts, and others

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