Chris Heria Age, Career, Facts

Chris Heria

Chris Heria is a popular American fitness influencer & trainer, YouTuber, and Entrepreneur.

Age: 31 Years

Birth Date: 21 Dec, 1991

Birth Place: Miami, Florida

Height: 5’11”

Net Worth: $8 million

Career History


Represented USA

Represented the USA in the World Championship and the World Street Workout Calisthenics Federation.


Started THENX

He started THENX Studio to train people in calisthenics, and people from various places started to join his studio to change their bodies and life.


100k Subscribers

He Hits 100k subscribers on the THENX YouTube channel.


Launched Heria Pro App

He launched his App called “Heria Pro,” which offers customized and scheduled workout sessions and programs.

We Liked these Facts about Chris Heria

He has many Tattoos

Heria has multiple tattoos on his body, and each represents something. You can learn the stories behind them on his channel.

No Junk in Daily Eating

He mainly uses Salt and Pepper for seasoning. He tries to skip different sauces, as they may have many calories and high sugar. Also, he does not eat much oil and mostly uses vegetable oils.

His Condo is worth $4 million

Chris lives in a Condo worth $4 million in Miami near Key Biscayne Bridge. Before that, he used to live in a nearby building that was not the tallest, but he dreamt of living in the tallest building in this area and finally made that.

He owns a Mercedes S-Class 450

He owns a Mercedes S-Class 450. He likes this car as it is long and he can get messages while driving. Before that, he had a Mercedes-AMG.

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