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Hi, welcome to StarsUnrevealed!

StarsUnrevealed is a blog about celebrities and their facts. We share Wiki of new age celebrities as well as various unrevealed facts about celebrities.

So if you’re passionate about different celebrities, then you can follow us to know more about your favorite celebrities.

Who Are We?

Hi, I am Seneet, the founder of this blog. I love watching movies, web series, TV shows, news, different sports, and others.

And often, after watching anything on TV, I used to search a lot about those celebrities. So I made this blog for people like me to share information about celebrities.

My friends also help me to run this blog by researching celebrities.

Fact-Checking / How Do We Collect Information

At, Starsunrevealed, we aim to provide as good results as possible. And for that reason, we have to do a lot of fact-checking before publishing any content. Here is our production process:

  • The Writer
  • The Editor
  • The Publisher

At first, we write the content, then one of our editors checks essential facts and edits many things, and then sends it to the publisher, who optimizes the content for the best fit for users.

We also send it to some normal readers to get the readability score.

Sources of Information

Our sources of information include Wikipedia, IMDb, various news websites like Forbes, Celebrity Magazine, USA Today, and others, celebrities’ personal social media handles, and interviews of celebrities.

Error or Fake Facts

Often new celebrities don’t have a lot of resources, so if somehow we have mistaken and if you found any fake facts, then please contact us here.

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