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Adley McBride

Adley McBride is a famous YouTube personality; the YouTube channel, which is made for kids, is famous with the name A for Adley. They share kidly stuff on that channel, various games, toys, learning, fun things, lifestyle videos, and many others. Adley McBride is the main character in the channel, and her mom and dad make those videos.

A for Adley Started started their journey in 2017 with a YouTube video where Adley was learning colors with PLAYDOUGH. Before that, Adley has been into many videos on her father’s YouTube channel, Shonduras. Presently, she appears both on A for Adley and Shonduras.

Now the channel has more than 6.81 million subscribers [as of March 2024]. I have researched a lot to find out some cool information about Adley McBride, the channel, and her family, so let’s start reading.

Adley McBride
Adley McBride [Photo source]

Adley McBride Personal Data

Real NameAdley McBride
Famous asA for Adley
Date of Birth / BirthdayAugust 5, 2015
Age8 Years
EducationNo Information
MotherJenny McBride
FatherShaun McBride
BrotherNiko McBride
SisterNavey McBride
HobbiesDrawing, Painting, Reading, GYM, Travelling
Income via the YouTube$38K – $617K / month [according to Socialblade]
Instagram ID@aforadley
YouTube Channel@AforAdley


Adley McBride, or A for Adley, is a famous YouTube personality. She was born on 5 August 2005 in the United States.

Her father, Shaun McBride, is a famous American entrepreneur and social media star. And he is famous for his finger drawings on Snapchat and vlogs on YouTube. He is also the founder of Spacestation Gaming, an esports organization.[fn]Wikipedia.org[/fn]

His father first started a vlog channel called, Shonduras in 2008, where he used to post lifestyle vlogs, experimental videos, fun videos, gaming, and others. Like, WEIRD 14 WHEEL SKATEBOARD, Helicopter Rescue Misson, Illeagal Candy, Doing funny stuff with Jenny, etc.

After that, Adley was born, and he started uploading videos with her daughter on his channel. Some of the early videos with Adley were the First Week of The Rest Of My Life; Adley Crawls For The First Time!!; Poop Monster; Adley’s First Airplane Ride, ADLEYs 1st BiRTHDAY!!; Baby vs. Green Beans; Baby vs. Lemon, and others.[fn]YouTube – Shonduras[/fn]

School and Education

Adley finished Kindergarten in 2021. In a video titled “Adley’s Graduation,” she celebrated her last day of school, told things she learned, and many more.

She learned ABC, writing, reading, games, and many more from there.

I haven’t found much more information about her current education, but I’ll be in search of it and update here in the future.

Career/Journey Highlights

Date / YearsJourney or Achievement
5 Oct 2017Joined YouTube
7 Nov 2017The first video on YouTube
Nov 2018100,000 subscribers
Aug 20191 million subscribers
Jul 2020The first post on Instagram
21 Mar 20224 million subscribers
23 Dec 20225 Million subscribers
Sept 20236 Million Subscribers

After that, in 2017, they created a separate channel, A for Adley, sharing Adley’s cute reactions, funny things, lifestyle, and other things. Soon people started liking their videos, and the channel started taking off; you can see the growth from the chart I made. Adley’s mom decided to create the channel and make videos.

They kept engaging viewers with their awesome videos. As of June 2023, they have more than 6.8 million YouTube Subscribers. Some of the popular videos they created are 1. Adley has STiCKER POX! – 119 million plus views. 2. THE FLOOR IS LAVA CHALLENGE!! – over 116 million viewers. 3. COPS vs ROBBERS – 98 million plus views.

She has more than 81k followers on her personal Instagram, 58k plus followers on A for Adley’s professional Instagram page, 19k + followers on Facebook, and on TikTok, she has 152k+ followers [date are as of March 2024]. Her parents have different social media accounts, and they are also popular.

Now, coming to the income or earnings of A for Adley, they do not disclose the earnings, but I have checked their channel on Socialblade, and they estimated a monthly income of $38K to $617K and a yearly of $462K – $7M. Remember, it is an estimation of their ads earnings from YouTube; numbers can drastically change.

Furthermore, they also do brand collabs and have a website [shopadley.com] where they sell kids-related products like Dresses, Hoddie, T-shirts, Various Kits, Dolls, Bags, Puzzles, Blanket, Power Scooter, Skateboard and lots of other stuff. So they are also a good source of revenue.

8 Interesting & Cool Facts of Adley

1. Other Name

When Adley was a baby, her parents used to call her “May.” Often in videos, you may listen to her parents calling Adley by the name May.

2. Zodiac Sign

Adley’s zodiac sign is Leo, which depicts a good personality, creativity, bravery, energy, consciousness, generosity, and more. Watching her videos also makes you feel she has all the characters.

3. Famous Parents

Adley’s parents are famous. Her father, Shaun, is an entrepreneur and social media expert. He created the esports organization Spacestation Gaming. He also started her channel in 2008, which also got many subscribers.

Her mother, Jenny, is also a famous social media star. She also appeared in Shaun’s vlogs in the early stages or before A for Adley.

4. Animal Lover

Adley is an animal lover. In her vlogs, she has played numerous times with different animals.

She owns two dogs, Olive and Kupa. Both are Dachshunds. She, with her father, cleans the dogs quite often. They bathe the dogs, clean their house, and give food and treats. Adley also brings toys to play with her dogs frequently.

In a vlog titled 9 Puppies Surprise for Adley, her father took 9 Puppies from the neighbor and surprised Adley. She played a lot with those puppies. She cuddled with those puppies, gave them names, and served them food and other.

Adley wanted to keep a puppy from those 9, but her dad refused as they already have 2 dogs.

Once, Adley with her family visited a local pet shop, and there she bought a Guinea Pig. In that vlog, she was so excited to get the guinea pig. They brought every necessary thing for the guinea pig from the store and brought her home. Adley named her Honey.

While in her backyard Adley and her father saw a Snail, and they started playing. She got the snail tree leaves as chairs, beds, and others.

A few times back, they again visited the pet store and bought a Frog for Niko and a Snail for Adley. Adley named the Frog, Slepty, and the Snail, Orangy, as she said orange is her hair color.

She often visits the Zoo with her family.

5. School Day Routine

She wakes up early in the morning, and then she goes to the kitchen to eat cereal like her dad. Next, her mom does her hair, and she dresses up and brushes her teeth. After that, she prepares her backpack and fills it with toys to show her friends.

Her dad takes her off to school. Lastly, she returns home from school and practices what she learned at school.

6. A for Adley Movie

A for Adley – Lost in the Movies” is a cartoon movie created by Spacestation Animation. The movie was released on April 21, 2023, and is rated G; it is specially made for kids but is targeted at all ages.

A for Adley - Lost in the Movies

The length of the movie is 1 hour and 10 minutes. As per ratings of Showtimes, it got 2.9 stars out of 5 stars.

Adley McBride Hobbies

Adley is curious as well as energetic; she has a lot of hobbies. Some of her favorite hobbies are;

  • Making Videos for YouTube
  • Playing with her Pets
  • Experimenting with various things
  • Learning new things, reading, writing
  • Trying different mobile apps

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*Sources: YouTube Videos, Instagram Posts, aforadley.com, and others

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